Although everyone starts with foundation courses, students become aware of other fields of study, making it possible to transition towards specialization.

Everyone gets to start from the same generic courses. There is interaction with other students engaged in different technical areas

MiTEC holds a strong culture for recycling. More than 70% of raw  materials are from  recycled sources.  

   Analytical thinking skills are trained under two different work environments:

1) Individual tasks

2) Group performance

Leadership is the catapulting skill towards innovation.  We train leaders…

      Education is one of the best  investments you can make for your future.   MiTEC offers programs that educate you to be excellent candidates for advanced technology positions. Our commitment is to provide you with quality programs and faculty, as well as responsive and caring student services. In reviewing this website, you will see a broad range of academic opportunities that prepare our graduates for fulfilling careers within advanced  technology. Many courses include projects where you will work with others as a team to solve real-world challenges.  MiTEC keeps up with technology trends, and offers all courses in English language to position the students internationally and with recognition.

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Applying the knowledge:

A real life scenario...

 MiTEC is placed at the heart of an industrial estate, surrounded by suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers. Students learn to locate suppliers and interact directly with them. Example: estimate quantity of copper tubes, frames and finishing paint,needed to manufacture your solar panel. present a report and execute the orders.

The transition to the real world is further secured by performing inspections, troubleshooting and installations at a selected property.



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