This area of study is for the design, manufacturing, assebly and maintenance of electric vehicles. Graupner Flash 3.0 models introduce you to basic systems and components.  Step up to electric bicycle assembly and finally, be part of an advanced research team with a mission to outperform other vehicle prototypes.  Here we train to build the ultimate electric vehicle.

   Renewable energy is an industry that grows rapidly due to economical advantages and global warmth awareness.  Sustainable energy is an area of study where the students gain  a professional understanding of different resources, which locations favour them, and how  to maximize overall system performance.  We are looking at educating successful free energy providers

   As the world discovers new  ways for supplies to meet the demands of a modern society, robotics enters strongly into the picture.  Advantages become a reality when implementing robotics to handle production quantities, quality measures and cost cuts.      The goal here is to train   competent robotics specialists.

   Every idea starts in the creative mind.  It can then develop into a useful concept, and finally, into an outstanding product. To get there, it must go thru planning, dimensioning, brain storming, trouble-shooting, modifications, improvements and presentations.  The objective is to master the tools and processes that lead towards the best outcome for each step.  Design the ideal product.

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